As an estate agent of 20+ years, working in the upper area of the Home Counties and Northamptonshire, I have seen many trends and styles come and go, even agency itself has seen attempts to change, the rise and fall of HIPS, and the growth of online agency services but there has been one constant, the requirement for a professional and personal service.

Estate agency is not all about a brand, it is all about people.

One size does not fit all.

No two properties are the same, they all have their own individual attributes over their contemporaries and therefore no two sales are the same.

Great pictures and designed videos have their place and can be very important in marketing a property, but a strategy needs to be considered and deliberate, not just a slot on a property portal.

A highly desirable house can lose market position in a portfolio of many properties and even be undersold by an inexperienced, fee driven, or even substandard agent.

In years in the industry I have worked as part of only two agencies this is testament to my commitment.

I have two core principles of integrity and tenacity. These essential attributes will give you an agent standing side by side with you throughout the whole process, whether for a short or a lengthy transaction.

I have strived to be both professional and personal in every transaction I have been involved in. I believe this gives me the edge over a jobbing agent that is just chasing the fee.

I give good counsel not convenient counsel.